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About us

About us

We are proud to be one of the best CBD companies in Europe that supplies white label, private label, and bulk products.  From many years of working in the CBD corporate services, we have realised all the challenges that a CBD business can face at it start.  Founded in Utrecht, the Netherlands in 2022 by dedicated team, Therabinoids Europe B.V. has built efficient manufacturing platform and expended rapidly its client’s data base. Our team includes top scientists and qualified sales professional that have a mission of creating the best quality hemp cannabinoid products possible and been at the service of their clients.

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We work hard developing the best solutions that have the potential to boost the growth of your CBD business. We make our expertise in the field of the hemp-derived CBD products at the service of our clients. We are a full-service provider of CBD white label products and bulk ingredients, and we strive operating in a transparent and robust supply chain.

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Whatever the cannabinoid products you are looking for, Therabinoids Europe B.V. has a solution. Whether Supplements, Edibles, Cosmetics, or Pets products, we offer products that can help your clients overcoming insomnia, pain, anxiety and stress problems. Our products are developed by experienced scientists and manufactured in compliance with GMP, ISO22000, and HACCP European quality guidelines.

Quality Standards and Laboratory Testing.

Transparency and traceability are key values. We stand behind our clients from the first contact with our company to receiving the goods and during all the steps in between. We invite and encourage customers to visit our office to see clearly the efforts we make to produce the best cannabinoids products. The biomass used is organic certified, and our manufacturers facilities are GMP, ISO22000, and HACCP compliant. For all our white label products and bulk ingredients, a third-party lab testing is available to check the products purity and to ensure the product is exactly what it’s claimed to be.

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